Miss Nelson is Missing! - Book from Faranda Farms Field Trip

Fall Field Trips 2019

Can you answer the following questions with one answer:

  • What pollinates 70% of our food?
  •  Produces a product that never spoils?
  •  Can dance the Waggle?
  •  Can fly up to 20 MPH?


Can you Guess?

It is a Honey Bee!

Our 2019 field trips will discuss the:

  • Life and activity in the hive
  • Pollinating and the importance in the food supply
  • Tools needed to take care of the hive
  • Sampling different honey

There will be no observatory hives on site.  We will just be learning about the importance of bees in agriculture.



Feeding the Alpacas

Bee Lesson and/or Bee Story Time

Fall Craft Kit

Snack of Cider & Popcorn

*Barnyard Activities

Honey Stix

Small Pie Pumpkin

*Barnyard Activities include playground, pedal carts, giant slingshot, corn hole, hay fort, hillbilly golf horse shoes, and more.

Price per person $8.50   Wednesday – Friday, September 18 – October 31, 2019


For additional information and reservations call Mary at 814-479-7109 or email: farandafarm@atlanticbb.net.





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